JDM Freeflow muffler

JDM Freeflow Muffler

-Japan Surplus
-No Jasma Jasma markings
-No damage
-Fresh inside
-Bassy sound all the way
-Tahimik on idle
-MUST HEAR to appreciate hindi niyo pagsisihan ang pag audi.
-Polished na
-Bolt on na sa Pizza.

20.5″ Overall Length
8″ Tip Length
12.5″ Chamber Length

2″ Inlet
4″ Tip Diameter

pyesa philippines

pyesa philippines

Selling it for only 4,500 fixed.


Q.C./ Pasig Area

2 thoughts on “JDM Freeflow muffler

  1. need ko pa ba magchange ng piping kung i-install ko to sa mazda3? or diretso weld na? and sobrang ingay ba sya? thanks.

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